Hydrophobic Peptide: Fragment Detection

A999999361 a999999361 at aol.com
Mon Jul 24 16:55:20 EST 1995

We are working with a 25 amino acid peptide ... extremely hydrophobic ...
which was synthesized solid phase using Fmoc chemistry. After HPLC
(reverse phase), Mass Spec indicated the presence of fragments. Further
Mass Spec experiments indicate that laser desorption will cause these same
fragments, but do not rule out the presence of the fragments *prior* to
Mass Spec. The components differ by  approximately 500 MW.

Question: What is the best (and preferably quickest) method to determine
the presence of fragments, assuming the sample is supposed to contain only
pure peptide?

Electrophoresis has been suggested...

Thank you in advance for any and all responses.

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