UV Sterilization

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>     I am interested in knowing possible protocols for UV 
> sterilization.  Our lab has a UV cross-linker which we wish to use 
> for sterilization of PCR tubes.  Any information regarding the 
> intensity of UV light and the optimal exposure time for UV 
> sterilization would be appreciated.

not so sure about optimal, but what seems to work for us in sterilizing
electroporation cuvettes and 200ul pcr tubes is to put them in the
Stratagene stratalinker for 5 minutes on full power.  this seems to do the
trick and would likely work for you.  of course, if you tried to do a
whole box of tubes at one time, you might want to stretch the time out,
but if you lay them out in a single layer 5 minutes should be more than

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