Small-scale mRNA prep kits/methods

Cathy Sprankle Sprankle at
Sun Jul 23 20:48:50 EST 1995

Hi!  I am interested in finding out about people's experiences with the
various kits on the market that claim to deliver good yields of mRNA from
very small tissue samples (100 mg or less).  I have been doing RNA preps
for years, but always using about 0.5 g tissue.  If you have a method (not
a kit) that works well with small tissue samples, I'd like to hear about
that, too.  The mRNA will be used for RT-PCR and for Northerns, dot-blots
and/or RPAs (not sure which yet).  Tissues used will most likely be liver
and kidney.  Please e-mail replies; I will post a summary in a week or
two.  Thanks very much!

Catherine Sprankle
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