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Tue Jul 25 10:29:54 EST 1995

Consultant company stalks this board :-|      

Not a great cause of concern, but its worth pointing out.
I recently posted a question to this board regarding sequencing.
The responses were good although I was followed up by a telephone
consultant 'researching' the area of electrophoresis - with a usual 
string of questions that reps are always dying to ask.
I didnt leave an address on the posting (its the Institute
of Virology, Oxford in case your interested) but someone went to some
lengths to fathom my address and trace my telephone no. from my email

The novelty was rather enjoyable but bear in mind your giving your information 
and a small amount of time to them for nothing - they are likely to be selling 
it to biotech companies for a substancial premium. Its certainly a gap in 
keeping the demand in touch with the supplier but it would be very unfortunate 
if this became a regular feature of the board.

The company concerned was Elara Associates a British subsidary of Elara 
and the telephone employee Chris Bone.



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			Luke 11; 4

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