Best way to get DNA from gel bands?

Nigel Walker nwalker at
Tue Jul 25 21:05:24 EST 1995

Use the squeeze method (Biotechniques 1994)...

Place your gel frag in a 3 ml syringe with 100 ul TE
Squeeze it through a 0.22 um syringe filter unit
Rinse thriough with 100ul TE
(At this point you can collect all the filtrate and resqueeze it back 
through the filter a few times to increase yield without increasing 
Precipitate the DNA and away you go...

We use it routinely now and is essentially the same as the Amicon spin 
units(which are probably about the same price when you add it all 
up?!!). Yield is about 50%

Good luck

Nigel Walker

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