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> Consultant company stalks this board :-|      
> Not a great cause of concern, but its worth pointing out.
> I recently posted a question to this board regarding sequencing.
> The responses were good although I was followed up by a telephone
> consultant 'researching' the area of electrophoresis - with a usual 

> The company concerned was Elara Associates a British subsidary of Elara 
> and the telephone employee Chris Bone.

Hi, Mike

I had a call from these guys, while I was out and a lab-mate told me that
they had asked if I used electrophoresis and then said that they needed to
speak to me urgently! 

I never got around to calling them back, as I thought whoever they were
would get back to me if there really was something crucially important
that I had to know about running gels.

Are they after us Brits only? Or are all bionet users on their wanted
list? Does anyone know what they sell, apart from electrophoresis stuff

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