Address/phone needed for Genex Corp.

Bernard Murray bernard at
Tue Jul 25 15:06:34 EST 1995

In article <3v3ft1$ehe at>, klenchin at (Dima Klenchin) writes:
> >(recombinant modified protein G) which I used
> >to buy from BDH/Merck when I was in England.  I am told
> >that Genex is the US supplier.  If anyone has the Genex
> >address or an alternative supplier then I would be very
> >grateful.
> To the best of my knowledge, U.S. vendor of BDH products
> is Gallard-Schlesinger (516-333-5600, fax 516-333-5628).
> Hope it helps. - Dima

Alas, G.S. seem to only sell the lab chemicals (eg. AnalaR) supplied by
BDH.  They only carry a very limited range of BDH biochemicals and
Gammabind G is not in the latest list.
	I was given the immpression that Genex actually supply BDH.

		Thanks for trying,

Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
bernard at  (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)

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