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Michael Myers myersm at rockvax.rockefeller.edu
Tue Jul 25 13:18:16 EST 1995

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> Ann Yezerski wrote:
> >I need some suggestions on methods for sequencing directly from cDNA
> >clones.  I realize that Cycle Sequencing with P 32 is very popular.
> >However, I am searching for a reliable method using either S 35 or some
> >non-radioactive method.  Has anyone out there used the Sequenase Kit for
> >such a situation?  I do not necessarily need to sequence the whole
> >contained gene; just the first 50-100 bp for primer possibilities.
> >Any suggestions and advice send to: ayezersk at moose.uvm.edu
> >Thank you very much in advance.
> Why not use 33P - can use in PCR reactions and gives good results?
> Montpellier

I agree, especially in conjunction with Kodak's BioMax MR single emulsion
film. Nice sharp bands on a relatively clear background.

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The Laboratory of Genetics
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