Best way to get DNA from gel bands?

Robert Hutton hutton_rl at
Wed Jul 26 22:18:53 EST 1995

In my opinion, the best method for getting DNA free from an agarose gel is
electroelution.  I'm at home now and can't remember the brand name of our
kit, but the apparatus is rectangular in shape and only uses 1x TAE buffer
throughout the system.  In my own personal experience, the Little Blue Tank
(ISCO) was a pain because it require 3M sodium acetate in TAE in one of its
chambers, which require a great deal of TAE since one should change buffers
on (sorry, I meant a great deal of NaOAc).
Maybe someone else will know the kit I'm referring to and can give you the
brand name.
Robert Hutton
hutton_rl at

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