gel drying

Wed Jul 26 17:21:57 EST 1995

Hi there!

I have been having probles drying some SDS-PAGE gels (10%, 1.5mm).  The gels
crack when I use a gel dryer (there are not any bubbles in it, I let the
vaccum on for 2 days, then I dry it at 60 for 4 hours, and then increase the
temp to 80 for 2 hours).  Also I have purchased a gel drying kit (promega)
(leaving the gels in a frame at room temp) and I still get cracked gels.  What
am I doing wrong?

I read that acetic acid residue may cause this, so I've unsuccessfully tried
drying after washing my gel several times with dwater.

Also, I am trying to dry an activity gel (zymogram) that has been developed
with iodine.  The stain always comes out of the gel. Any suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated!


Lynne Whitehead
u. of Maryland - Microbiology dept.

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