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In article <3v39oc$5n4 at Twain.MO.NET>, akravetz at Walden.MO.NET (Andy Kravetz) 
> Is there a program like Strider or MacVector for the PC? A lab down 
> the hall has it on a Mac and I am looking for it on the PC. 

> Second, who makes Strider?? Or its clone? Thanks 

Strider is a Macintosh only application written in C and developed by 
Christian Marck.  It costs US$200 and is worth every cent (Address: Service de 
Biochimie et de Genetique Moleculaire, Bat 142, Centre d'Etudes de Saclay, 
91191, Gif-sur-Yvette, Cedex, France).  The latest version is 1.2.  It is the 
standard Mac based sequence manipulator but lacks comparative tools (i.e 
sequence alignment and contig assembly).  That said, it's interface and design 
are streets ahead of anything else.

MacVector is also Mac specific but its publisher (IBI/Kodak) do have a PC 
version.  For PCs there are a variety of commercial programs such as Vector 
NTI (good reviews), PCgene, LaserGene and several more. There must be 
shareware apps too but I haven't seen any that are comparable to DNA Strider.

Solution? For the price of one of the PC commercial applications (!), get a 
PowerMacintosh 6100 DOS compatible (has a 66 Mhz DX2 on a card) and run 
Strider..... as well as your DOS/Windows apps.

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