Martin Hughes mhughes at
Wed Jul 26 08:20:54 EST 1995

In article <3ug6ff$3v8 at>, sabine.hanelt at (Sabine Hanelt) says:
>Hey all there,
>we are sequencing with 35S and that for a long time allready without any 
>problems. The gel is dried on a glas plate and is then exposed to an X-ray 
>film. Since 4 weeks (or so) the film always sticks to the gel, even if the gel 
>was really dry 

The problem is probably just the increased humidity because of summer. Try
dusting the dried gel with baby powder to keep it dry. The 35S signal will
actually go through the plastic wrap if you leave it on, I always do and
don't notice much difference in exposure time.  Alison Cowie

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