Urgent Help! French & Italian Electrophoresis Scientists

somebody somebody
Wed Jul 26 08:23:34 EST 1995

In article <806753087snz at pzoptic.demon.co.uk>, Chris J Stone <chris at pzoptic.demon.co.uk> says:
>I need to talk to scientists in France and Italy who regularly do 
>Can you reply with your name and telephone number so I can contact and talk.
>I promise not to take too much of your valuable time, but it is urgent and 
>it would be really really helpful.
>Thanks in advance for your time.
>P.S English speaking preferred.
>Chris J Stone                                   chris at pzoptic.demon.co.uk
>                                                telephone (44)1795 472427

 I think it is unethical to put an urgent message on the internet
unless it really is urgent. Unlike commercially interested parties
some people do not have all day to read NON urgent articles.

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