MicroProbe Corporation?

Jean Harris jean.harris at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Wed Jul 26 06:19:45 EST 1995

We have been using a kit called IsoQuick for isolation of genomic DNA
from small quantities of rat blood (100 !l).  MicroProbe Corporation,
7390 Lincoln Way, Garden Grove, CA 92614 USA marketed the Isoquick kits. 
 I am unable to contact them now by either phone (714-894-7184) or fax
(714-891-1229).  It looks like they have gone out of business.  Does
anybody know how to contact the company or where to obtain more of the

Usually I go for homebrews and would like to do so with isolation of DNA
from rat blood.  However I'm having difficulties with the very first
step, lysing the rat red blood cells so I can spin down the nuclei and
carry on from there by any of a wide variety of methods.  It seems rat
RBC are more difficult to lyse and get rid of than human RBC which is why
we were using the IsoQuick kit.  The kit started off with a guanidine
thiocyanate lysis step.  Any suggestions as to how to lyse rat RBC are
wellcome.  My ears are also open to recipes  for lysis by GuSCN, etc...


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