PCR to detect viral point mutations

Wed Jul 26 03:55:25 EST 1995

In article <3v167f$7a9 at dub-news-svc-2.compuserve.com>, Francesc X Lopez-Labrador <100647.73 at compuserve.com> says:
>Does anybody know a PCR method different than ARMS or COP to detect viral 
>point mutations?
>Francesc X.
>You could try RFLP/PCR
if you want to look at a specific locus, design PCR primers
 for a region containing a number of restriction sites. If you
 then restrict the viral DNA, followed by PCR and more restriction
 only Viral DNA with mutations in the restriction site will PCR
 The PCR product can be sequenced to characterise/quantitate the mutations
 If you require more info, e-mail me on
 bajenkin at swansea.ac.uk
hope this helps

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