Photographing gels

Jim Hutchins hutchins at
Wed Jul 26 13:42:54 EST 1995

Gordon Betts (betts at wrote:
: I am having difficulty photographing my agarose gels.  The photos
: don't look good and you can't see the DNA nearly as well as you
: can on the transilluminator.  I am using an Ultra-Lum(R) transillum.
:  and photographing with a Polaroid (R) DS34 camera, yellow #8 filter,
: 1/4 sec, f22 with a 20 second developing time.

: Any tips on getting decent photos, preferably publication quality?

We use a set purchased from Fotodyne which consists of a Wratten #2B
on the gel side and a Wratten #22 (orange) on the camera side.  The filters
can be purchased separately; I think the price is about the same either
way.  If you're in a hurry, a larger photo store will have them.

[I have no connection with the above company.]

I hope this helps; e-mail me if you need more info.
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