Address/phone needed for Genex Corp.

Bernard Murray bernard at
Wed Jul 26 12:17:17 EST 1995

In article <76327.pelpw at>, "Paul Wingfield" <pelpw at> writes:
> I believe that Genex no longer exits. The product you are after is now sold 
> by Pharmacia. Good luck contacting Pharmacia they used to be a good company 
> until they got greedy and too big to provide decent customer service. 
I totally agree about Pharmacia getting greedy.  Only a couple of years ago
I would now have no hesitation in buying from them or recommending them but
now they have inflated all their prices and their technical service is
spread too thin (nice to chat to but no good if you want real information).
Thankfully their local rep is an exception to this.  All that can be said
about them as a company is that they are not as bad as Pierce ;-)

The good news is that Gammabind G (plain, or FITC- or HRP-labelled) is
available from Sigma as "recombinant Protein G".  No surprises that it
is cheaper from this source.  Alas, since Pharmacia have the monopoly
on the Sepharose market, the Sigma immobilised version is more expensive
than Pharmacia but since Sigma are the only ones that supply a reasonably
sized package (1 ml cf. 5 ml) I will probably buy from them anyway.
Thanks to a colleague in London for passing the info on.
		Successful but saddened,
Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
bernard at  (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)

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