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Thu Jul 27 13:15:23 EST 1995

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>Hello Netters,

>	We have a need for a mammalian expression vector, preferably SV40 or CMV
>driven, that allows fusion of a protein of interest to a known nuclear
>localization sequence (say of SV40 TAg for example).  Has anyone out there
>constructed such a vector for a positive control of nuclear localization? 
>Or is one available commercially?  We have not run across one.  Thanks for
>any help you can provide.

Look for the papers of David Goldfarb.  He has done a lot of work on
nuclear localization.  If anyone has a vector he does, or knows who has
it.  One NLS he uses is a few amino acid peptide of SV40 large T--this has
the advantage that a single (defined) amino acid change renders it non-
functional.  You could easily construct oligos to act as linkers 
containing the + and - NLS and ligate them to your genes.  The sequences
of the NLS are in his papers.

Or you could write to 
Dr. David Goldfarb
Department of Biology
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY  14627

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