his-tagged protein purification with metal chelate columns

Peter pemanuel at umabnet.ab.edu
Thu Jul 27 12:48:08 EST 1995

In article <heller-1907951852000001 at mac3.ifr.ing.tu-bs.de>,
heller at ifr.ing.tu-bs.de (Marcus Heller) wrote:

> Hallo world,
> I got an article out of tibs that there was a discussion on purification
of his-tagged fusionproteins from e.coli in this newsgroup but I cannot
find them any longer. I´m interested in getting the contributions to this
discussion because I have problems with contamination and recovery using
IMAC, too. If anyone has saved it would be very kind to send it.
I too am interested in this topic.  I have had problems with this
technique and would like to see if others have solved similar problems.

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