MicroProbe Corporation?

Knepper, Marc A MKNEPPER at NMU.EDU
Thu Jul 27 11:24:54 EST 1995

>We have been using a kit called IsoQuick for isolation of genomic DNA
>from small quantities of rat blood (100 !l).  MicroProbe Corporation,
>7390 Lincoln Way, Garden Grove, CA 92614 USA marketed the Isoquick kits.
> I am unable to contact them now by either phone (714-894-7184) or fax
>(714-891-1229).  It looks like they have gone out of business.  Does
>anybody know how to contact the company or where to obtain more of the

I believe the MicroProbe Corp you're looking for is in Bothell, WA.
They have a toll free number: 1-800-424-9004. Jean Virosco, one of the
developers of IsoQuick can be reached by email:
jvirosco at micro.microprobe.com. I hope this information helps.

Marc Knepper
Molecular Genetics
Northern Michigan University
mknepper at nmu.edu

>Usually I go for homebrews and would like to do so with isolation of DNA
>from rat blood.  However I'm having difficulties with the very first
>step, lysing the rat red blood cells so I can spin down the nuclei and
>carry on from there by any of a wide variety of methods.  It seems rat
>RBC are more difficult to lyse and get rid of than human RBC which is why
>we were using the IsoQuick kit.  The kit started off with a guanidine
>thiocyanate lysis step.  Any suggestions as to how to lyse rat RBC are
>wellcome.  My ears are also open to recipes  for lysis by GuSCN, etc...

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