IPTG and induction, new info

Bernard Heymann bheymann at bragg.bio.purdue.edu
Thu Jul 27 10:27:56 EST 1995

A few days ago I posted a request for info on the relationship between
IPTG concentration and protein induction from a lac or tac promoter. In
the meantime I found two papers on IPTG:

Cho et al. (1985) BBRC 128(3), 1268-73: [IPTG] and lac-operon induction
Kosinski et al. (1992) Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 36(6), 782-4: IPTG and
E. coli metabolism.

Anybody with more info please let me know - it seems dificult to find in
the literature.


Bernard Heymann
Biological Sciences, Purdue University

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