Recommendations for software to support small sequencing project

Anton Scott Goustin asg at
Thu Jul 27 21:01:08 EST 1995

ucklw08 at (Dr Alexander J Annala) wrote:
>We are searching for a software package (preferably PowerMac based) for a a small sequencing project.  Our sequencing files are generated by an ABI373.  The package should allow sequence editing & display the chromatogram.
>User friendliness (particularly for non-computer users) has high priority.
>We have tried ABI Navigator, ABI AutoAssembler, DNA Star, and MacVector

You use two key phrases:  PowerMac and user-friendly.  I immediately think of Sequencher 3.0, recently rewritten for the PowerMac by GeneCodes, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.  It is specially designed for sequencing projects.  I have v. 2.0, and run it on my IIfx.  I have spent only a minute or two reading the manual, and it does what I want.  It's not cheap, though.  I think it's $1,200 or so.  Gets high ratings from the mags, though.
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