SeqPup for MSWin/Mac/XWin (Re: DNA Strider for PCs)

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Wed Jul 26 07:27:58 EST 1995

There is a free program with many of the functions of DNA strider,
and sequence analysis functions not available in strider, that you
may want to look at.  It is called SeqPup, and is available
for MS Windows, as well as Mac and XWindows/Unix.  Find it at


A large caveat -- this program is not finished; it has several bugs.  
You need to be careful of trusting it too far just yet.  But I'm 
working to clean out these bugs and add new features.  A new release
will be out I think in a couple of days, so you may want to wait
until later this week to pick it up.

- don
-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at

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