Photographing gels

John Tudor jtudor at
Thu Jul 27 07:50:33 EST 1995

I assume that you are using EtBr to stain the DNA.
If so, you are using the wrong filter.  I don't
know the filter #, but you need a red filter for
EtBr stained gels.  This would explain why you
don't see the bands as well on the photograph.
Actually, in my experience, with the correct filter,
you see the bands better on the photograph than on
the transilluminator.  You can purchase the right
filter from suppliers (such as Fotodyne), or, if
you can find out the Kodak equivalent, from a local
camera store.  Good luck.

Gordon Betts (betts at wrote:
: I am having difficulty photographing my agarose gels.  The photos
: don't look good and you can't see the DNA nearly as well as you
: can on the transilluminator.  I am using an Ultra-Lum(R) transillum.
:  and photographing with a Polaroid (R) DS34 camera, yellow #8 filter,
: 1/4 sec, f22 with a 20 second developing time.

: Any tips on getting decent photos, preferably publication quality?

: Thanks,
: Gordon Betts
: betts at
: East Texas State University

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