Sequencing from cDNA

Nameer B. Kirma bionbkx at
Wed Jul 26 16:50:58 EST 1995

On 26 Jul 1995, Nigel Walker wrote:

> Are these clones in plasmids, if so then just do ds sequencing with 
> sequenase as normal.
> As for cycle sequencing I used S35 not P32 and it worked fine, both on 
> plasmid clones and PCR products.(Less stress with the radiation as well 
> :-)) FYI it was the Promega cycle sequencing kit that I used. Its not as 
> sensitive as P32 but a 3 day exposure is fine under most conditions
> Nigel Walker

We use P33 for the Promega PCR sequencing kit. It is less 
intense than P32 and labels more efficiently than S35--The 
best of 2 worlds. An overnight exposure is usually enough.  

Take care

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