how about bionet.molbio.pcr?

Jarkko Kortesmaa jkortes at
Thu Jul 27 06:00:57 EST 1995

Dima Klenchin (klenchin at wrote:
: Wouldn't it be great to make this new group and to keep all 
: PCR related discussions there? It alone, I think, takes > 
: 30% here. This way it will be easier to find PCR related 
: stuff there and all the rest - here. 

: What do you think?
To me it seems that another 30% is related to ligation problems... :-)

I see no need to split this group, since the amount of postings is still 
manageable. If there were say, well over 200 articles/day, things could be 

I, for one like to read about methods that are not my immediate concern. I 
feel that I have learned many valuable things this way. For me, splitting 
this group would only mean more groups to follow, with no gain. 
Futhermore, a likely consequence would be crossposting to an annoying 

Splitting might also reduce the amount of readers below the so called 
critical mass. The more there are of us and the more diverse is our 
collective expertise the better this group is.   

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