PCR in ten minutes!

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> Hi there,
> has anybody out there tried the 'Rapidcycler' from Idaho technology?
> We recently got a flier from BioGene Ltd advertising this machine. It
> claims to have a ramp time of 10C per second, using 'high velocity
> turbulent air'. They include a picture of a gel with a 536bp band
> amplified using 30 cycles of 94C 0 sec, 60C 0 sec, 72C 5 sec. Total
> reaction time 9 min 25 sec. 
> This would obviously be seriously handy for cycle sequencing/ optimizing
> PCR's and so on.
> Has anyone tried this contraption? I haven't called them yet but the flier
> does not include cost or size info.
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I have not tried the machine myself, but the Biotechniques article referred to
in another posting with cycling conditions, buffers etc is as follows:
Wittwer, C.T. and Garling, D.J. (1991)
Rapid Cycle DNA Amplification: Time and Temperature Optimization
Biotechniques, 10: 76-83.


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