how about bionet.molbio.pcr?

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Fri Jul 28 13:28:16 EST 1995

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becker at (Anderas Becker) wrote:

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Klenchin) says:
> >
> >Wouldn't it be great to make this new group and to keep all 
> >PCR related discussions there? It alone, I think, takes > 
> >30% here. This way it will be easier to find PCR related 
> >stuff there and all the rest - here. 
> >
> >What do you think?
> >
> >-dima
> > 
> I think it is a great idea.

as someone else stated before, it's really not a very good idea.  i like
the idea of having all methods and reagents type problems and suggestions
in one place rather than strung all over 50 different groups like:


almost any news or mail reader will allow you to search for a particular
topic if that's all that you're really interested.  i think that when you
split up groups you end up with more total noise just because people want
to fill up the group.

just my 2 cents,


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