PCR license for diagnostic lab?

Andre Hamel hamel at cc.umanitoba.ca
Fri Jul 28 04:19:02 EST 1995

Is there anyone out there who works in a lab using PCR for diagnostic  
purposes willing to correspond with me by email in order to share 
experiences with La Roche regarding PCR license?

For example:

1/  cost for license (if ANY "required") for diagnostic purposes?
Is license an annual fee covering all PCR tests, regardless of # of 
assays performed ... and/or # of different PCR assays done?
2/  type of lab you are in (profit or non-profit)? and corresponding type 
of PCR license arrangements.
3/  how many different PCR assays you offer AND how many tests are performed
4/  Are there "trade-offs" by having to use "licensed/authorized" 
thermocyclers ... licensed/authorized enzymes, water, buffer ... air!?  :^)

Seems to me that La Roche is soooo very vague & inconsistent on these 
seminal matters as to make one ponder ... are they serious about licensing, 
especially for research organizations ... even non-profit organizations.

I've seen copies of arrangments whereby the labs are given "license" to 
perform unlimited # of PCR assays of many different kinds (research 
hospitals conducting PCR diagnostic assays for patients -> 
ultimately affecting their diagnosis & treatment AND these PCR tests 
being paid for by the health care/insurance systems (non-profit).

Are there any/many more such examples ... anonymity will of course be 
respected ... who would want any other way these days ... right?  :^)

Hi John ... if you're out there ... wotsupdoc?

What's "policy" with government labs? ... I hate that word ... policy ... 
equals excuses made by those who've made mistakes in past ... nothing 
ventured, nothing gained, right? ... progress is only possible if it 
first occurs in mind & attitude ... unh  hunh?

thanks in advance,

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