PCR license for non-profit lab?

Andre Hamel hamel at cc.umanitoba.ca
Fri Jul 28 04:11:53 EST 1995

Can anyone with experience regarding PCR license in diagnostic lab share 
some experiences regarding La Roche & their "position" (I use that 
loosely) on this matter.

Seems to me that they are soooo very vague and inconsistent as to make 
one very leary of this issue.

I've seem some documents describing the exemption of some labs from 
needing PCR license for diagnostic uses ... non-profit.

What about researchers ... hospitals? ... government labs?

What are their "policies" ... I hate that word (exist due to past folks 
mistakes, especially beaurocrats ... BTW, nothing ventured, nothing gained, 
right?  :^)

thanks kindly in advance,

ps ... Hi ya John if you're out there ... wotsupdoc? ... what's policy of 
your inst.?

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