Sequencing from cDNA

Steven Sullivan sullivan at
Fri Jul 28 09:12:35 EST 1995

Ann M. Yezerski (ayezersk at wrote:
: I need some suggestions on methods for sequencing directly from cDNA 
: clones.  I realize that Cycle Sequencing with P 32 is very popular.  
: However, I am searching for a reliable method using either S 35 or some 
: non-radioactive method.  Has anyone out there used the Sequenase Kit for 
: such a situation?  I do not necessarily need to sequence the whole 
: contained gene; just the first 50-100 bp for primer possibilities.

The Sequenase 2 kit is fine for such an application, though to get very
close to the primer you'll have to use some of their 'alternate' reagents
(they come with the kit)

You can also do cycle seq with S35.  We use Epicenter's kit.

: Any suggestions and 
advice send to: ayezersk at : Thank you very much in advance.

: Ann Yezerski

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