Taq polymerase from Fisher

Jane Q. Employee Employee_Q_Jane at lilly.com
Fri Jul 28 08:34:43 EST 1995

Anton Scott Goustin <asg at cmb.biosci.wayne.edu> wrote:
>Promega Corporation (Madison, WI) spent a good deal of money fighting 
>Hoffman-LaRoche's right to license the manufacture of Taq DNA 
>polymerase.  They recently lost their battle.
>I was a steady customer of theirs due to their price on M-1862 ($162 for 
>500 U), some 40-50% cheaper than all others.  I would buy through 
>Fisher, and the product would come direct from Promega.  The last time I 
>made this order, I was surprised.  The product was labeled Fisher 
>Biotech, and came in quite different packaging, buffers, etc.  I was 
>skeptical until I tried it.  It seems to perform as well as the gold 
>standard (AmpliTaq, from Perkin-Elmer-Express).
>Does anybody know who makes the Taq polymerase for Fisher?

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