Best way to get DNA from gel bands?

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| I have yet to test a new application of a Millipore product,the
| Ultrafree-MC centrifugal filter device. You just spin the gel slice for 5
| minutes, then ppt the eluate. Yields are not great for larger fragments,
| but may be sufficient for most applications. The need to precipitate is a
| pain. Check their ads in Science. You can call for a free sample (2 spin
| units) at 1-800-MILLIPORE. Has anyone used it?

Yes I have used them, and the reason I used it instead of the push syringe
method is because I had a very large amount of low melt temp agarose and it
clogged the 5.0 ml syringe I was using. I sliced up all the agarose and
froze it within the unit before melting and spinning. I didn't care about
purity though because I was not using the DNA fragment for any enzymatic
treatment afterward. It worked very well for a gel shift experiment. I found
the Costar Spin-X units work as well.

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