MAbs in Bacteria

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Louis Hom <lhom at ocf.Berkeley.EDU>

"I have never heard of people expressing Abs in bacteria (though I can't say
I've really checked, either).  I have heard of them being expressed in yeast,
though, since yeast are capable of the necessary glycosylation."

Jeffrey Jackson <jeffj at>

"Though I haven't tried the protocol described in it yet, the reference
you will need is Carter et al, Bio/Technology 10(163-167) 1992.

My lab has the pAK-19 vector described in the paper.  If you can get your
hands on that, a good idea is to clone a 1.7 kb RI/HIII fragment
containing the heavy and light chain genes into pUC-119.  Then you can
clone in your heavy and light chains by sticky-foot mutagenesis (at least
in theory - that's what I'm trying to do right now without a whole lot of

If intersted check out:

Bradburry & Cattaneo. TINS. Vol 8 No 6 p 243 (1995) and references therein.

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