Purification of 6-His tagged proteins on Ni-NTA

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Fri Jul 28 19:26:34 EST 1995

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 pemanuel at umabnet.ab.edu (Peter) writes:

| I got an article out of tibs that there was a discussion on purification

| of his-tagged fusionproteins from e.coli in this newsgroup but I cannot

| find them any longer.


QIA-expressionist - protocols dedicated purification of 6-His taggeted
proteins on Ni-NTA agarose, is still ON Line, and could be viewed at:
Protocols contain a lot of usefull data of "how to handle this stuff".
I added a chapter "Real life experience", incuding several SDS-PAAG`s, in
case you are curious. Best viewed by Netscape. Enjoy.


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