Consultant company stalks this board

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>> Consultant company stalks this board :-|      

> I had a call from these guys, while I was out and a lab-mate told me that
> they had asked if I used electrophoresis and then said that they needed to
> speak to me urgently! 
> Are they after us Brits only? Or are all bionet users on their wanted
> list? Does anyone know what they sell, apart from electrophoresis stuff
> obviously?

I think this is a common ploy. When we have commercial shows at NIH, the
salespeople (?) line the halls and trap you into answering by asking if you run
gels. Hmmmm...novel thought, eh? One time a salesperson stood between me and
the door and asked "Do you do lab work?" I replied, "No, I'm here to buy a new
car." Her jaw dropped and I left through the door while she tried to think of
something to say next.

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