Hydrophobic Peptide: Fragment Detection

Rick Neubig RNeubig at umich.edu
Sat Jul 29 12:11:19 EST 1995

newitt at ncifcrf.gov (John A. Newitt) wrote:

>> We are working with a 25 amino acid peptide ... extremely hydrophobic ...
>> which was synthesized solid phase using Fmoc chemistry. After HPLC
>> (reverse phase), Mass Spec indicated the presence of fragments. Further
>> Mass Spec experiments indicate that laser desorption will cause these same
>> fragments, but do not rule out the presence of the fragments *prior* to
>> Mass Spec. The components differ by  approximately 500 MW.
>> Question: What is the best (and preferably quickest) method to determine
>> the presence of fragments, assuming the sample is supposed to contain only
>> pure peptide?

You could try an analytical HPLC to see if there are multiple
peaks. As with the N terminal analysis, negative results aren't
definitive but would make you feel more comfortable about
the integrity of your sample.

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