gelatin block for Westerns

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In article <3vbvee$rhd at>, Helen McBride <hmcbride at> says:
>To get gelatin to go into solution, we would always heat a 1% solution
>with stirring and when cooled added .01% Sodium Azide as a preservative
>so we could store the solution at room temperature. We never had any
>problems with it coming out of solution this way. The best block for
>Immobilon that I have found is a combination solution of  1% gelatin with
>2% dry milk.  Good Luck.
>hmcbride at hlthsci.

Just don't use any milk product with avidin/biotin systems,
since milk has biotin you will waste a lot of avidin-enzyme
conjugate if you do. Gelatin often yields poorer signal to
noise ratio than other blockers. Most researchers confuse
good blocking with low background and forget about he signal.
a 1% gelatin 2% milk will perhaps give low BG but will in many
system also kill the signal!!!! You could call this
overblocking (overkille)!!  EACH SYSTEM MUST BE OPTIMIZED.
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