Hydrolink-MDE gels

Peter Thoren genpt at strix.udac.uu.se
Thu Jun 1 05:05:08 EST 1995

Hi netters,

I am looking for an alternative to PAA gels for screening microsatellites.
The reason I want to change is due to the hazards with handeling Acrylamide. 
I know that some people use Hydrolink-MDE gels (AT Biochem) for analyzing SSCPs
and I wonder if someone knows if this geltype could also be used for microsatellites.
If it can be used then the next question is: How dangerous is MDE-gels compared to PAA
gels? It would be interesting to know what people working with acrylamide feels about
using it. In our lab we are using a lot of PAA gels and we start to feel pretty bad 
about it. 

Best wishes,

Peter Thoren
Dept. of Genetics, Uppsala University

Peter.Thoren at genetik.uu.se  

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