Plant extracts

Jeffrey Dean jdeanx1 at
Thu Jun 1 16:52:45 EST 1995

ibmi0 at wrote:
> 	I'm working on S9 plant extracts for further use their enzimatic
> activities in "in vitro" assays. Now I have a big problem with fruits whose 
> mucopectines containt is high, for example strawberry. I use a filtration
> system to achieve the sterility of the extracts, but a layer of these
> mucopectines impede the filtration by collapsing the filter. Can you
> help me? I need a method to eliminate these mucopectines mantaining the
> enzimatic activity of the extracts or some kind of prefiltration in which 
> mucopectines are retained.
> Thanks in advanced.
> Carles Chiapella. 

You might try precipitation using 0.1% protamine sulfate to remove
the pectic substances prior to filtration.

-Jeff Dean

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