streptavidin coated seq plates

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Thu Jun 1 13:36:45 EST 1995

In article <stewart-310595173706 at>, stewart at (Beth Stewart) says:
>I am trying to find out what company might supply streptavidin coated
>plates for sequencing  template prep--would anyone out there know who makes
>these?  You can post to the group or my email is stewart at
> Thank you, Beth

Pierce Chemical carries some that are called Reacti-Bind Streptavidin plates.
They are of very high quality. They come in 5 or 25 plate packs and are
priced reasonably. They are provided dry and pre-blocked, ready to use.
You can get either the 8-well strips or the complete 96 well plates.
Pierce has internet e-mail: PierceChem at, but more often
than not you get a reply by fax, so include phone and fax# and address.

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