small bp DNA ladders

Fri Jun 2 09:32:53 EST 1995

Hi, does anyone know of a small bp DNA ladder apart from the Gibco-BRL 10-200 bp
ladder (twenty ten-bp repeats).  Does anyone have experience with the Gibco-BRL
ladder in  polyacrylamide gels?
I have messed around with the BRL 10 bp ladder in non-denat. acrylamide gels
with some puzzling results- the ladder acts like it has 50 bp repeats rather
than 20 bp.  The same ladder looks just fine on agarose gels.  I spent some
time talking to BRL tech. help, but we never figured this out.  I do use the
BRL 1KB ladder (which has small digested vector frags from 75 to 500 bp)
routinely - for some reason this is the cheapest low mol wt. marker that I
have found on the market.  Only other way is to grow your own plasmid and
digest with an appropriate enzyme to get frags in your required size range.
Cheers - Stuart Brown
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