Hydrolink-MDE gels

Ted M tedm at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Fri Jun 2 17:27:53 EST 1995

In article <3qk3ck$ugk at columba.udac.uu.se>, genpt at strix.udac.uu.se (Peter
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> Hi netters,
> I am looking for an alternative to PAA gels for screening microsatellites.
> The reason I want to change is due to the hazards with handeling Acrylamide. 
> I know that some people use Hydrolink-MDE gels (AT Biochem) for
analyzing SSCPs
> and I wonder if someone knows if this geltype could also be used for
> If it can be used then the next question is: How dangerous is MDE-gels
compared to PAA
> gels?
> Peter Thoren

Peter, As pointed out by another poster, the components of MDE are as
toxic As acrylamide and the proprietary ones may be worse.  Many people do
SSCP with plain acrylamide or acrylamide with glycerol, with fancy temp
control or just a fan; the MDE probably isn't required.
 PAGE gels are a big part of almost all mol Bio labs, why are you feeling
bad? The hazards of acrylamide can be minimized easily. My old lab did a
ton of DNA sequencing and purchased all the acrylamide in solution so as
to avoid dust contamination. This is a GREAT idea! Solutions were made up
ahead of time, filtered and stored at 4°C, to minimize contamination. I
belive the supplier was Amresco, and the price and quality were good. It
can be purchased in fixed Acrylamide/Bis ratios or separate solutions for
special ratios.EtBr can be similarly purchased, and destroyed after use
with a simple chemical reaction. Waste acrylamide can be polymerized and
discarded safely.  We can all minimize the danger to ourselves as
researchers and to our environment by careful thought and planning.  Good
luck on your microsattelites.
                                                      Ted Michelini

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