Zero time PCR

lidaniel lidaniel at
Fri Jun 2 06:35:50 EST 1995

We were discussing how long it should take to do a cycle on PCR. We are
PCRing 400-500 bp pieces. So we tried 20 sec for each denature,  20 seconds
for anneal,  20 seconds for extension. It worked. Then we tried 5 seconds at
each denature, anneal, extension. Indistinguishable on a gel from longer
times. 1 ul of the reaction is a bright band on a gel. Of course now most of
the time is cycling. No capillaries,just 0.2 ml tubes. Biometra Personal
cycler. Anneal at 55 and extension at 77. We're not doing it for the speed,
we work too much already. We are just doing it for the fun. Anybody else have
experience with short cycles?  Daniel Schindler LIDANIEL at WEIZMANN.AC.IL

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