Adenovirus vectors

Gerald Pier gpier at
Sun Jun 4 15:52:26 EST 1995

Many groups I am aware of doing reserarch in cystic fibrosis gene therapy
have these adeno virus vectors.  However, some or all of the might be
proprietary- it may be difficult to get them.  You are most likely to find
FAX or phone numbers for these individuals from the FASEB directory. You
could try:

Richard Boucher, University of North Carolina
James Wilson, Insititute for Human Gnene Therapy, Philadelphia
Michael Welsh, University of Iowa
Ronald Crystal, Cornell Medical Schooll, NY, NY

However, I think you should consider that the trials to date with
adenovirus vectors have all elicited significantly inflammation and immune
responses.  I know Wilson has stopped his gene therapy trials using these
vectors because of unacceptable toxicity.  I think any immunologist or
microbiologist will tell you there is essentially no way that these
vectors are going to be useful if they have to be used more than once. 
So, let me suggest you look into liposomes and other nonimmunogenic
vectors, even though their efficiency, at least at this point, is lower
than the viral ones.

Good luck.

Jerry Pier
Channing Lab
Harvard Medical School

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stewart.martin at (Stewart G Martin) wrote:

>  Does anyone out there have access to any adenovirus or
>  adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors that they could supply me with
>  or know of a source where I could get some from ?  I have
>  the 293 cells but don't want to have to go to all the hassle of making
>  suitable vectors from wild type Ad5.  Also, from a gene therapy
>  point of view, is there any advantage of using one particular adenovirus
>  type over another? Since some types are more prevalent in the
>  environment than others might not the hosts immune response be greater
>  against them?
> Thanks in advance
> Stewart Martin
> CRC Department of Clinical Oncology
> University of Nottingham
> stewart.martin at

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