cDNA yeast expression vector library (Leu2)

Charles Boulakia CX74000 at MUSICA.MCGILL.CA
Mon Jun 5 13:05:49 EST 1995


I am looking for a mammalian cDNA library, preferrably from human or
rat mRNA, that is cloned into a yeast expression vector with Leu2
as the selectable marker.  I want to clone the mammalian homolog of a
yeast gene that is lethal when disrupted in yeast, therefore, I want
to complement the knock-out strain which contains the yeast gene on
a URA based plasmid by transforming with a library and doing a
plasmid shuffle.

Any help in obtaining such a library, or information/tips on protocol,
would be greatly appreciated.

Charles Boulakia
Graduate student,
McGill University
cx74 at
boulakia at



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