PCR legalities

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Subject:PCR legalities                             Date: 6/2/95

Just something that I was thinking about.  Please feel free to comment,
criticize, rant, rave, etc.

In the discussion section of Kleppe, et al "Repair Replication of Short
Synthetic DNA's as catalyzed by DNA polymerases" J Mol Bio (1971) 56
,341-361, the following paragraph appears:

     "The principles for extensive synthesis of the duplexed tRNA genes which
emerge from the present work are the following.  The DNA duplex would be
denatured to form single strands.  The denaturation step would be carried out
in the presence of a sufficiently large excess of the two appropriate
primers.  Upon cooling, one would hope to obtain two structures, each
containing the full length of the template strand appropriately complexed
with the primer.  DNA polymerase will be added to complete the process of
repair replication.  Two molecules of the original duplex should result.  The
whole cycle could be repeated, there being added every time a fresh dose of
the enzyme."

This paragraph describes the basic concept of PCR (they call it DNA repair
replication.)  Could someone who wished to "get around" the PCR patent claim
that they were using modified DNA repair replication using a thermostable

Just Wondering,
Brett Beitzel
brett_beitzel at msmtp.idde.saci.org  

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