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On 5 Jun 1995, ZOOMmmm wrote:

> Which buffer is better for separating any size piece of DNA in agarose
> electrophoresis?

In my experience, both the buffers work well (1xTAE or 1-0.5x TBE). The
limitation in separation of fragments is then a function of the %-age of
the agarose to be used, length of the gel and the voltage applied. In
order to separate fragments> 15kb effectively, one needs to run a 0.7 to
0.5% gel. Again, the range of separation needed should be the determinant in
choosing the agarose %-age. Sambrook et al. has a helpful table to guide
you through that. 
	I run my gels at a constant voltage of 1.5 to 2/cm and never 
exceed that if I need a clean separation of fragments.

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