purifying out one strand of PCR product?

anonymous einerhand at amc.uva.nl
Tue Jun 6 12:58:32 EST 1995

If you make one of your primers with a 5' biotin attachment, you can 
then use streptavadin coated paramagnetic beads to capture your pcr 
product.  By treating the beads with 0.15M NaOH you denature the pcr 
prod, and one strand can be recovered from the NaOH (after 
neutralization) whilst the other is attached to the bead.

All this info can be found in the Dynal booklet about Dynabeads.

I can't help wondering why you can't synthesise a primer to use in your 
RT reaction.

If you need some more info you can email me on a.grierson at amc.uva.nl, 
since I am currently using a colleagues' login.

Andy Grierson

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