purifying out one strand of PCR product?

Eirikur Sigurdsson eiriksig at rhi.hi.is
Tue Jun 6 12:52:44 EST 1995

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>Hi, can anyone tell me what is the easiest and/or most efficient way to
>purify one strand of a PCR product from the other?

>The product of the PCR will be about 100bps but I wish to use one strand
>as a primer for a reverse transcription reaction and I do not want
>contamination from its complementary strand.

>Is it possible to selectively degrade one or other strand?

>Thanks in advance

>Johnny D

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I think the easiest way is to use biotinylated primers.  After denaturating 
the DNA you can isolate the biotinylated strand with streptovidin coated
magnetic beads.  I have used this method for isolating single stranded DNA for
sequencing and it works very well.

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